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Some constructive (?) criticism...

Oct 12, 2012 at 12:38 PM

I really like the concepts behind this library and I think it has a lot of potential, but I feel that there are a few crucial things that prevent it from being a much more useful option for many more people.

  • The naming of the interfaces is very confusing to me. For instance: "IIndexWriter" is not the Interface for IndexWriter as one would expect, it is actually the interface for a FACTORY that CREATES IndexWriters. The "IIndexSearcher" follows the same confusing pattern.
  • The design of the library makes it so that someone who has already been using Lucene.NET cannot easily migrate to using SimpleLucene.  For instance, I was using the AzureDirectory from here ( to work with Azure blob storage.  I wanted to then use your library to augment things, but I realized that your interfaces don't work with the standard "Directory" base class at all.  Instead, they deal directory with "DirectoryInfo", which requires that the target is the file system.  Thus, I cannot use this library, which is disappointing.

I hope you regard this as helpful feedback and not just useless complaining.  I'd really love to see this library refactored to use more standard Lucene.NET features, rather than forcing people to rewrite existing code.


Thanks for your time,